Connecticut Automotive Engineering Schools

Ready to start an exciting, rewarding new career in automotive engineering? There are three schools in Connecticut with Associate’s degree programs and two schools with Bachelor’s degree programs. Two schools award Master’s degrees and PhDs. The average cost of tuition in Connecticut is $10,200 per semester.

While you can earn an Associate’s degree in Colorado, you need at least a Bachelor’s degree to become licensed as a Professional Engineer. You can earn 120 credits while taking courses like Fuel Management Systems, Aerodynamics, and Kinematics of Mechanisms. You can expect to be in school for four to five years. Don’t expect to spend all your time in the lecture hall—you’ll work with many different engineering materials and tools in the lab.

With a Bachelor’s degree in engineering or a similar field, you can jump right to a Master’s degree or PhD. Both of these degree require you to take advanced courses like Power Electronics, Automotive Body Structures, and Hybrid Electric Vehicles. If you plan on completing a PhD, you may also have to complete a thesis.

Like most other New England state, Connecticut has slightly higher-than-average tuition rates. Manchester Community College has some of the lowest tuition rates. As a resident, you may pay $1,893 per semester. If you are not a Connecticut resident, tuition is $5,659 per semester. Tuition at the University of Bridgeport, one of the most costly schools in the state, is $13,575 per semester.

There are a variety of engineering and automotive scholarships you can consider. Your school will likely have many dedicated engineering scholarships. Professional Women in Construction—Connecticut Chapter awards scholarships to men and women in the field of engineering.

All licensing of automotive engineers in Connecticut goes through the State Board of Examiners for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors. After submitting your application and passing the required NCEES exam, you can get your license.

Connecticut has many professional organizations that can help you take your career to the next level. Consider joining the Connecticut Society of Professional Engineers, which offers networking opportunities and job listings.

As a licensed automotive engineer, you can earn a fairly competitive salary! O*Net reports that the average automotive engineering salary in Connecticut is $81,700 per year.

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