Delaware Engineering Degrees

Some people have nicknamed Delaware “The Small Wonder” because although it is second smallest state in the Union, it has a lot to offer visitors and residents.

Of Delaware’s three counties, New Castle is the most industrial, with Kent and Sussex being mostly agricultural. Delaware is also one of the leading states in industries such as banking and finance, with many national firms headquartered in Delaware. Agriculture, health care, and technology also remain productive sectors in the Delaware economy.

Delaware’s small size allows transportation and interactions between neighboring states to be relatively easy. The state may be small, but according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there are around 7,000 engineering related jobs in the state, with the most jobs available to civil engineering technicians. However, mechanical engineers have the largest employment rate at 26.6%.

Some of the larger companies in Delaware that hire engineering professionals include: State of Delaware Government, The DuPont Company, MBNA Corp.,Christiana Health Care System, Dover Air Force Base, and J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.

Engineering Education in Delaware

Delaware does not have as many colleges as other states, but it has excellent engineering programs. Many Delaware students get their associate degrees at one of the state’s technical colleges, such as one of the Delaware Technical and Community College campuses, and transfer to Delaware State University or the University of Delaware to get a higher degree.

Delaware State University offers bachelor and master degrees in several engineering fields, such as Architectural Engineering. The University of Delaware offers bachelor, master and doctorate degrees, including Chemical Engineering, Environmental Health Engineering and others.

Outlook for Engineering Jobs in Delaware

Delaware is one of the top five states for high mean annual wages for chemical engineers and industrial engineers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The BLS predicts there will be a slow to normal job growth rate for engineering jobs until 2020, when the bureau will release a new prediction.

Some areas, such as Delaware’s New Castle County, may experience higher-than-normal employment for engineers. The strong chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing base in Delaware boosts the state’s need for chemical and industrial engineers. The field of safety engineering is experiencing a surge as companies strive to meet higher ISO and insurance standards.

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