Delaware Electrical Engineering Schools

Becoming an electrical engineer starts with the completion of an approved program in Delaware. There are four Delaware schools that offer degrees in this field, and all four schools award Associate’s degrees. There is one school in Delaware that has Bachelor’s, Master’s, and doctoral degree programs.

You can start your engineering education with an Associate’s degree or a Bachelor’s degree. As an Associate’s degree student, you can plan on attending school for two years to earn 60 credits. If you decide to pursue a Bachelor’s degree, you may spend between four and five years in school. Some of the coursework required at this level includes Electronic Circuits, Digital Signal Processing, and Fundamentals of Power Systems.

Earning an advanced degree in electrical engineering can prepare you for different career paths in the field of electrical engineering. You can choose a Master’s degree, which requires 30 credits and takes about two years. Your other option is a PhD, which requires you to write and defend a thesis. You may need about seven years to earn this degree.

Tuition rates are very different from school to school in Delaware, but the overall average cost of tuition is $9800. You can minimize your costs by applying for grants and scholarships.

The Delaware Engineering Society is a local engineering group that awards multiple scholarships to promising engineering students every year. The Delaware Valley Engineers Scholarship is another scholarship reserved only for Delaware students. Each scholarship awarded by Delaware Valley Engineers is worth $1000.

To put your engineering degree to use in the workplace, you have to become licensed by the Delaware Engineering Licensing Board. The board may require you to pass multiple engineering exams, depending on which degree you currently have. After you have passed the relevant exams, you can get your license and begin working.

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