Delaware Civil Engineering Schools

Civil engineering is a profession that deals in planning, constructing, designing, operating and maintaining the natural and physical environment in order to improve infrastructure. This includes things like construction and designing of road networks, buildings, bridges as well as dams among others. For one to become a civil engineer, they ought to undergo the required training and have the right certifications before being allowed to practice.

Interested individuals can enroll in a number of programs to pursue an associate’s, bachelors, masters or a PhD degree in civil engineering. These programs’ main focus is in science and math. To qualify for admission, one should have a high school diploma and a very high GPA or, should reach at least the minimum cut points in their ACTs or SATs. The main units taught in college include:

  • engineering lectures and mechanics
  • geometry and calculus
  • planning and designing
  • general physics and chemistry
  • engineering graphics and design
  • written communication for sciences

An associate degree enables one to become a certified civil engineering technician but only in the entry level positions. This includes performing tests, accessing projects and analyzing data. A bachelor’s degree on the other hand enables one to work on the mid management positions and one can serve as the head of an engineering project. A masters and PhD programs on the other hand opens more opportunities for one to work on the upper management levels.

Usually, an associate’s degree takes two years whereas a bachelor’s degree takes four years of study. To be successful as a civil engineer in Delaware, you will be expected to have more than just the basic problem solving skills but also be able to overcome obstacles that may come your way while going about your professional career.

Although it’s not a must for one to be licensed as a civil engineer, the license gives one honor. To be licensed, one should have enrolled in a school that’s certified and should have passed the Fundamentals of Engineering exam. Next, one has to take the Delaware’s licensing exams offered by the Delaware Professional Engineering board. Licenses should be renewed every two years and at least 30 days before the expiration date.

Due to the advancement in technology, there have been a lot of opportunities that are coming up for civil engineers mainly through the use of green and eco-friendly structures. A civil engineer’s salary is mainly determined by their level of employment. Those in senior management levels for instance tend to earn more than those in entry levels. However, as per 2010, the annual average salary of a civil engineer was $56,217.

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