Indiana Electrical Engineering Schools

If you want to become an electrical engineer, there are 21 schools you can attend in Indiana. Associate’s degrees are available at 19 of these schools, and 20 schools offer Bachelor’s degree programs. You can earn a Master’s degree at 13 Indiana schools, and doctoral programs are available at seven schools.

As a new engineering student, you can choose to earn an Associate’s degree or Bachelor’s degree. An Associate’s degree takes an average of two years, while a Bachelor’s degree requires four to five years of full-time study. Some of the courses you may take at this level include Signal and Linear Systems, Digital Logic Design, and Electric Power Engineering.

An advanced degree in electrical engineering can open new career options for you. A Master’s degree, which requires 30 credits, takes about two years of full-time study. A Ph.D. includes a thesis, which takes an average of seven years. Some of the advanced courses you may take at this level are Electromagnetic Field Theory, Quantum Transport, and Advanced Integrated Circuits Technology.

Due to the variety of schools in Indiana, tuition costs vary widely across the state. The overall average cost of tuition is $14,100 per semester. There are scholarship and grant opportunities that can help you save money on your tuition.

The Indiana Department of Transportation awards scholarships to Indiana engineering students. Many of these scholarships are worth several thousand dollars. Another good source of scholarship money is the Indiana Society of Professional Engineers. Multiple students are awarded scholarships every year from this group.

Before you can use your engineering degree in the workplace, you must apply for your license through the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency. The first step to getting your license is passing the Fundamentals of Engineering exam, which is offered every April and October. Upon passing the exam and earning your license, it is important to keep your license current by renewing it every two years.

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