Indiana Mechanical Engineering Schools

If you’re ready to start a mechanical engineering program in Indiana, there are 12 schools you can consider attending. This includes ten Associate’s programs and eleven Bachelor’s programs. If you want to earn a post-graduate degree in mechanical engineering, you can choose from 10 Master’s degree programs and five Ph.D. programs.

The amount of time you spend in school depends on which degree you choose to pursue. An Associate’s degree in Indiana requires the completion of 60 credits. If you attend school full-time, you should be able to earn your degree in two years.

A Bachelor’s degree can deliver a comprehensive education that prepares you for entry-level work in mechanical engineering. In order to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree, you need to earn between 120 and 130 credits. As a full-time student, this should take you four to five years. You take a variety of classes that teach you the science behind engineering and give you practical experience in mechanical engineering. Some of these classes include Mechanics of Materials, Fluid Mechanics, and Mechanics of Solids.

If you have a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering or a similar field, you may be interested in getting a Master’s degree or Ph.D. These are very advanced degrees. A master’s degree in mechanical engineering consists of 30 credits, which should take you about two years. A Ph.D. includes a thesis, which extends the program length to five to seven years.

The average cost of tuition in Indiana is approximately $14,100 per semester. However, most public colleges have much lower tuition rates. You can lower your overall costs by applying for different types of financial aid. Applying for scholarships can significantly reduce the amount you have to pay. The Indiana Society of Professional Engineers awards several engineering scholarships every year, as does the Indiana Department of Transportation. Most scholarship programs are based on academic merit or financial need.

After completing a mechanical engineering degree, you are probably ready to get started in your career. First, you have to pass the Fundamentals of Engineering exam. You can apply to take the exam through the Indiana State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers. After passing the exam, you can fill out an application to get your license.

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