Indiana Engineering Degrees

Indiana is home to Indianapolis, one of the fastest growing cities and metropolitan areas in the country. Being one of the Great Lakes Region states, Indiana is a diverse state with a multi-faceted economy based on manufacturing, agricultural, and pharmaceuticals.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics finds that due to Indiana’s economy, both manufactoring engineering and agricultural engineering are noticing an increase in employment, as well as many other industries.

Some of the larger companies in Indiana that hire engineering professionals include: Purdue University, Delphi Electronics & Safety, Indiana University Bloomington, Eli Lily International, US Naval Weapons Support Ctr, Toyota Motor Mfg Indiana Inc, Allison Advanced Dev Co Inc, Rolls-Royce Corp., Celadon Group Inc., Cummins Inc., Shoe Carnival Inc.

Engineering Education in Indiana

With Indiana’s mix of agricultural and industrial industries, the colleges and universities offer many fine engineering degrees. Because Indiana’s schools are some of the top schools in the nation, they attract many students from other states. Some students seek associate degrees at schools like the Aviation Institute of Maintenance in Indianapolis.

Others seek higher education, such as bachelor, master or doctorate degrees, at some of the public and private universities and colleges. Some colleges issue Postbaccalaureate certificates, Post-Masters certificates and other degrees. Popular fields are civil and mechanical engineering, but most schools offer courses in other fields, such as chemical engineering.

Outlook for Engineering Jobs in Indiana

Indiana’s top industries are steel, petrochemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing, which require many different types of engineers. Although the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts a slow to average job growth rate for engineers, states that have several high tech industries generally need more engineers than agriculturally based states.

Even though it is very industrialized, several areas in Indiana, including the Indianapolis-Carmel area and the northern Indiana nonmetropolitan area, are in the top five highest employment areas for agricultural engineers in the U.S. Indiana has the fifth highest concentrations of biomedical engineers and the fourth highest concentration for industrial engineers. Columbus has the nation’s highest concentration of industrial engineers per thousand workers in a metropolitan area.

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