Maine Engineering Degrees

Maine is seeing growth in several engineering related sectors including: environmental engineers, mechanical engineers, civil engineers, and industrial engineers.

Maine has several tax credit programs specifically designed to encourage the growth of manufactoring companies in the state including the Research Expense Tax Credit, R&D Super Credit, High-Technology Investment Tax Credit, and Sales Tax exemptions for engineering companies.

Some of the larger companies that are hiring engineering professionals in Maine include: L. L. Bean, Fairchild Semiconductor International, IDEXX Laboratories, Cianbro Companies, Wright Express Corporation, Webber Oil Company, Maine Employers’ Mutual Insurance, Olympia Sports, Pine State Trading, and Darling’s.

Engineering Education in Maine

There are three schools in Maine with engineering programs that are accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET.) These programs, which can lead to engineering licensure are the University of Maine, Maine Maritime and the University of Southern Maine. Because not all programs at the University of Southern Maine are accredited, it is recommended you check with the specific program you are interested in to guarantee you can be eligible for licensure upon completion. All three offer Bachelor degrees, only one offers a Master’s or PhD program. These programs do offer plans in many specialties like chemical, mechanical, electrical, civil, environmental, bioengineering etc.

There are also a number of engineering programs in Maine that are viable options for you to consider, but completion of them alone will not make you eligible to become a licensed Professional Engineer.

The Maine Society of Professional Engineers and Maine State Chamber of Commerce offer scholarships for engineering candidates. Each school will also advise students about financial aid and scholarships offered through the schools.

Outlook for Engineering Jobs in Maine

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics measured in May 2011, the mean annual wage for engineers in Maine was $66,840. Job opportunities in the state are predicted to be average. As in many states, locations of engineering positions will be based in the larger towns, such as Portland, Bangor or the capital city of Augusta. The northern most state of New England offers a positive outlook for those in the engineering profession

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