New Mexico Aerospace Engineering Schools

Aerospace Engineering Schools in New Mexico

If you want to start a career in one of the most in-demand fields in the country, you should look into earning a degree in aerospace engineering. New Mexico is home to one school that offers this degree: New Mexico State University. You can earn either a Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree in aerospace engineering at New Mexico State University. The average cost of tuition at this university is $6,750 per semester, although the actual tuition rate depends on your residency status. At New Mexico State University, the average class size is 18 students.

Starting a career in aerospace engineering can be a long process, and it all starts with a Bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering. You have to earn 120 credits in engineering courses, science and math courses, and general education classes. This takes about four years if you attend school full-time.

You have to follow a specific curriculum that outlines which engineering courses you take at different points in your education. You may have to take classes in different fields, like testing, research, and development. Some of the required courses include Orbital Mechanics, Aerospace Flight Mechanics, Aerospace Control Systems, and Thermodynamics.

As a student, your time isn’t just limited to the classroom and lecture hall. Practical skills are very important, and you can develop them in your school’s engineering lab. You may work on solo projects or group projects for 10 or more hours per week every semester.

You may get to conduct or read aerospace research as a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree student. At New Mexico State University, you can conduct research into the field of aeroelasticity and fluid structure interaction.

In general, tuition in New Mexico is very affordable. There are three different tuition rates: resident rates, non-resident rates for students who live within 135 miles of the school, and non-resident rates for everyone else. Residents can pay a tuition rate of $3,110.40 per semester. If you are from anywhere within a 135-mile radius of New Mexico State University, tuition costs $3,297.60 per semester. All other non-residents pay $9,822 per semester.

Taking advantage of as many grants and scholarships as possible is a great way to make your education even more affordable. The New Mexico Engineering Foundation offers scholarships to undergraduate engineering scholarships. You can also apply for the NNM American Society of Engineers Scholarship through the Los Alamos National Laboratory Foundation.

The next step after getting your degree in aerospace engineering is getting your license from the New Mexico State Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers and Professional Surveyors. This involves paying a $125 fee, which covers your application and examination costs. At that point, you can take your Professional Engineering exam, which allows you to work as a Professional Engineer.

There are several reason that you may want to consider joining the New Mexico Society of Professional Engineers. You can attend educational events; doing so can make you a huge asset to your employer while keeping you informed on changes in the field. You can also find new job listings and stay current on legislative changes.

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