New Mexico Mechanical Engineering Schools

Mechanical Engineering Schools in New Mexico

If you want to become a mechanical engineer in New Mexico, there are four schools you can choose to attend. There are three Associate’s-level programs and three Bachelor’s degree programs. In addition, New Mexico has three Master’s degree programs and three doctorate programs. The average cost of tuition in the state is $9100.

If you decide to pursue an Associate’s degree in mechanical engineering, you can expect to spend about two years in school. You complete 60 credits in general education and engineering courses. To earn a Bachelor’s degree, plan on spending four to five years earning 120 to 130 credits.

Some of the courses you may take at this level include Magnetism and Fluids, Fluid Mechanics, Component Design, and Heat Transfer Laboratory. Your class time is split between the classroom and the lab.

To complete a Master’s degree, you need to earn 30 credits in advanced courses. You may be able to graduate in two to four years. Coursework at this level includes Mechanics and Vibration, Statistical Thermodynamics, and Heat & Mass.

Earning a PhD takes between five and seven years, as you have to write a thesis on mechanical engineering and then defend your thesis.

The overall average cost of tuition in New Mexico is $9100. Tuition tends to be lower at two-year institutions. The average cost of tuition at these institutions is $1696. This is compared to an average of $5987 for public four-year universities and $32948 for private four-year universities.

There are several scholarship opportunities that you may want to take advantage of. The New Mexico Engineering Foundation awards a variety of engineering scholarships every year.

Another source is the Los Alamos National Laboratory Foundation, an organization that awards scholarships to Associate’s and Bachelor’s degree students.

Before you can begin working as a professional engineer in New Mexico, you have to earn your license from the New Mexico State Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers and Professional Surveyors.

First, you have to pass the required Fundamentals of Engineering exam. After you have passed that exam, you can fill out your license application and send it in with a $150 license fee to the board.

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