New York Automotive Engineering Schools

Automotive Engineering Schools in New York

If you’re ready to start a career in automotive engineering, there are 13 schools in New York that can help you get there. There are six schools that offer Associate’s degrees, nine schools with Bachelor’s degree programs, and seven schools that award Master’s degrees and PhDs. The average cost of tuition in New York is $12,400 per year.

A Bachelor’s degree in automotive engineering is the lowest degree level accepted for licensure in New York. You can plan on spending four to five years in school to earn this 120-credit degree. Some of the classes you may be required to take include Methods for Vehicle Testing, Fuel Management Systems, and Kinematics of Mechanisms. In addition, you can plan on spending at least 100 hours in your school’s engineering lab every semester. These hours give you the practical experience you need to get a career as an automotive engineer.

If you already hold a Bachelor’s degree in an engineering-related field, the next step may be a Master’s degree or Ph.D. Both of these degrees require you to complete higher-level engineering courses like Fuel Cells & Fuel Processors, Battery Systems & Control, and Automotive Body Structures.

One advantage of attending school in New York is the huge range of tuition prices. One of the lowest-priced schools in the state is Corning Community College. Tuition here is $2,035 per semester for residents and $4,070 per semester for non-residents. Syracuse University has some of the highest tuition rates in New York. Tuition is $728 per credit here.

There are numerous scholarship opportunities in New York. Consider the range of scholarships offered by the Municipal Engineers of the City of New York, including the Peggy Cornell Benline Scholarship, which is worth $1,000.

To become licensed as an automotive engineer in New York, you must apply for licensure through the New York State Office of the Professions. You may receive your license as soon as you pass the Principles & Practice of Engineering exam.

To get the most out of your new career, think about joining the New York State Society of Professional Engineers. Membership benefits can help you further your career and earn more money. As of 2012, O*Net reports that the average salary for an automotive engineer in New York is $77,700 per year.

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