New York Civil Engineering Schools

Civil Engineering Schools in New York

Civil engineers play a crucial role in the building and maintenance of society’s infrastructures. A career in civil engineering comes in many different forms and can take several unique paths. The main categories for a civil engineering job are:

  • managers working on a construction site
  • designing and analyzing project plans in an office
  • researching the environment for the site of a prospective building project

A career in civil engineering requires a minimum of a four-year bachelors degree from a university with a focus in civil engineering or a specialized subcategory of engineering. It is necessary that the university’s engineering program and coursework are approved by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology(ABET). Coursework will generally involve classroom lectures, lab, and fieldwork, with a focus on mathematics, statistics, engineering mechanics, and several other subjects depending on one’s specialization.

Only degrees that are granted by a university whose engineering program is accredited by ABET will lead to the ability to obtain the mandatory licenses.

In the early stages of the licensing process, one must pass the Fundamentals of Engineering Examination. One must then work as a Civil Engineer Intern until all state requirements are met. New York State requires credited years of a combination of education and experience. One needs six credited years to take Part A of the Fundamentals of Engineering Examination. Admission to the Part B of the Principles and Practice examination for a license has a requirement of 12 years of credit in New York state.

The salary for a civil engineer averages from $70,000 to $120,000 a year, depending on job specification and level of advancement. The world population is constantly increasing and is projected to continue to increase in the future. The more people in a society, then the more buildings, water lines, bridges, roads and other infrastructure that are needed. Civil engineers have a main role in all the stages of developing infrastructure, and are therefore predicted to have a continuously increasing demand for new engineers.

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