New York Computer Engineering Schools

Computer Engineering Schools in New York

If you want to become a computer engineer, New York can be an excellent place to get your education. There are 27 engineering schools in New York, including 16 with Associate’s degree programs. There are 18 Bachelor’s degree programs and 13 Master’s degree programs. 10 schools have PhD programs.

As an undergraduate student, you may choose between an Associate’s degree and a Bachelor’s degree. An Associate’s degree requires the completion of 60 credits and general education and lower-level engineering courses. This should take you about two years. A Bachelor’s degree can prepare you for licensure as an engineer. This degree usually takes four to five years, and it requires you to complete at least 120 credits. Some of the engineering courses you may take at this level include Algorithms, Assembly Language, and Network Analysis.

If you want, you can continue your schooling after your Bachelor’s degree. You can choose to either pursue a Master’s degree, which takes two years, or a PhD, which takes about seven years. Some of the courses that you may have to take as an advanced student include Parallel Computer Architecture, Embedded Systems, and Microprocessor Design.

The average cost of tuition in New York is $15,300. This is in line with tuition costs in other New England states.

You may want to apply for scholarships to lower your educational costs. One opportunity is the scholarship awarded by the American Council of Engineering Companies New York. This group has awarded over $400,000 in scholarships since its inception in 2002. Northrop Grumman is another company that funds engineering scholarships for students all over the country.

All licensing of professional engineers goes through the Professional Engineering & Land Surveying Office of the Professions. Before they can administer your license to you, you must take the two exams required by the board. Once you pass these exams and pay a $377 licensure fee, you can receive your license.

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