New York Mechanical Engineering Schools

Mechanical Engineering Schools in New York

If you want to become a mechanical engineer in New York, there are 45 schools with this program all over the state. Of these 45 schools, 27 have Associate’s degree programs and 29 have Bachelor’s degree programs.

There are also 22 schools in New York with Master’s-level programs and 15 schools with doctorate programs.

Education in mechanical engineering includes classroom time, where you learn about the science and techniques of mechanical engineering, and laboratory time, where you learn all about various engineering materials.

Earning an Associate’s degree requires the completion of 60 credits, which should take you about two years of full-time study. If you decide to pursue a Bachelor’s degree instead, you need to complete 120 credits. You may be able to graduate within four to five years with this degree.

Some of the courses you take at this level may include Mechanics of Materials, Manufactory Processes, Introduction to Mechanic Engineering, and Engineering & Design.

Master’s degrees and PhDs are higher-level degrees. If you want to earn a Master’s degree in mechanical engineering, you need to complete approximately 30 credits.

A Ph.D. includes writing and defending a thesis, so the process is a bit longer. You may be able to complete your Ph.D. in five to seven years.

While tuition costs vary significantly between schools, the average cost of tuition in New York is $15,300. Your tuition costs may be lower if you are a resident, attend a public institution, or qualify for grants and scholarships.

There are many New York engineering scholarships you can apply for. Northrop Grumman awards several engineering scholarships to students all over the country each year.

The American Council of Engineering Companies New York has awarded over $400,000 in scholarships to New York engineering students since 2002.

Prior to beginning your career as a mechanical engineer, you must earn your engineering license from the Professional Engineering & Land Surveying Office of the Professions.

Before you can get your license, you must pay a $377 licensure fee and apply to take the exam. If you pass both required exams, you can then fill out the required application forms and send them into the office.

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