Arizona Chemical Engineering

Your physics and chemistry skills can pay off in a chemical engineering program. Arizona has two schools that offer chemical engineering degrees. Both schools award Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees, and doctoral degrees. The average cost of tuition in Arizona is $8,800 per semester.

If you want to be eligible for most chemical engineering jobs in Arizona, consider starting with a Bachelor’s degree! This four-year degree includes 120 credits in general education courses and chemical engineering courses like Chemical Process Control, Introduction to Polymers, and Process Simulation & Design. Your courses will likely require you to spend a lot of time in the engineering lab—plan on at least 10 hours of lab work per week. In the lab, you can work with chemicals and work on your engineering techniques.

To take your career and education to the next level, you can earn a Master’s degree or PhD. These degrees require two to seven years of study beyond your Bachelor’s degree. You may take many advanced chemical engineering courses, including Chemical Engineering Kinetics, Biointerfacial Engineering, and Transport Phenomena.

Even though Arizona only has two chemical engineering scholarships, it still has quite the range of tuition rates! That’s because tuition varies based on residency status and undergraduate level. Arizona State University is the slightly more affordable option; tuition is $9,484 per year for residents and $23,136 per year for non-residents. At the University of Arizona, tuition is $5,802 per semester for residents and $14,143 per semester for non-residents.

Consider applying for scholarships and grants to pay for your educational costs. There are many options to consider! University of Arizona students can enjoy scholarships offered by the Arizona Builders Alliance’.

As a new chemical engineer, you may wonder how you can stay on top of new developments and technology in your field. Look into joining the Arizona Society of Professional Engineers, which offers continuing education in your specialty. This may help you increase your earning potential; O*Net reports an average annual salary of $89,500 per year.

If you want to pursue Professional Engineer licensure, apply to take the Principles & Practice of Engineering exam through the Arizona State Board of Technical Registration. You can get your license after passing the exam.

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