Arizona Civil Engineering Schools

Arizona is a beautiful sun filled state with a vastly growing population. From the breathtaking views of the Grand Canyon to the rich culture of the Phoenix metropolitan area, Arizona has something for everyone. A rewarding career in civil engineering is able to work in both of these worlds and bring their best features to the surface. Working in both the national parks and at numerous public projects within the city, civil engineers can both carefully create and guide the necessary foundations that shape and give Arizona its natural beauty and allure. With the proper education and training, a career in civil engineering can be yours.

As a civil engineer there are many different career paths. Obtaining an associates, bachelors, or masters at a university or a college with a compatible degree program can help you to quickly rise up the ladder of success. Spending two years to obtain an associate’s degree can get you right into the field but far from becoming a project manager. However, a four year degree will put you in a position to compete for the role of project manager. A master’s degree is usually reserved for someone who wants to teach or become a professor.

After a civil engineer receives his formal training, he can go pursue specialized graduate programs that help define him or her as an expert in such niche fields including:

  • water resources
  • coastal navigation
  • geo-professional

This extended training can help to bolster a civil engineer’s résumé and direct his talents toward a more narrowed focus. It is also important to know that to spearhead a public project you must have a Professional Engineer’s License. This can be obtained after a bachelor’s degree and four years of practical engineering experience are accomplished. After this, Arizona does not require continued education for license renewal and a civil engineer is free to manage his own affairs.

Civil engineering can be a great way to give back, while being challenged with the daily stimulation of active problem solving. Having a passion for math and science can be a powerful asset when looking to become a civil engineer and as Arizona continues to grow there will be an increased demand for skilled engineers to manage public projects. Arizona makes for a great state to pursue a career in civil engineering with an annual mean wage of $86,780, which beats the national average of $84,140 according to 2012 BLS statistics.

Ultimately, civil engineering is a great career that with the right schooling can throw you right into the heart of wonderful state and a thrilling new career.

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