Arizona Computer Engineering Schools

If you are ready to delve into the world of computer engineering, there are five schools that you can attend in Arizona. Two of these schools have Associate’s degree programs and four schools have Bachelor’s degree programs. There are three schools that offer Master’s degrees and two schools with Ph.D. programs.

Associate’s degrees in engineering are designed to give you a general education in engineering, so you can decide if you want to pursue Bachelor’s-level work. An Associate’s degree takes about two years to complete and consists of 60 credits.

A Bachelor’s degree generally contains between 120 and 130 required credits, which you may be able to complete in four to five years. Some of the courses required at this level include Software Engineering, Assembly Language, and Computer Organization.

Master’s degrees and PhDs are both higher-level degrees that require you to have a Bachelor’s degree. A Master’s degree generally takes about two years, while a Ph.D. takes an average of seven years. Coursework at this level includes Microprocessor Design, Embedded Systems, and Parallel Computer Architecture.

In Arizona, the average cost of tuition for residents is approximately $7000. The average cost of tuition is $13000 for non-residents. Most schools’ tuition costs are fairly close to these numbers, but two-year colleges tend to have lower tuition costs.

By applying for scholarships and grants, you may be able to pay for part or all of your school. One option is the Kelly Future Engineers Scholarship, a scholarship awarded specifically to engineering students across the country. You may also consider applying for the American Helicopter Society International—Arizona Chapter Engineering Scholarship. If you win this scholarship, you may be awarded up to $3000.

After graduating from your engineering program, you can earn your license from the Arizona State Board of Technical Registration. The first step is taking the engineering exam required by the state. After that, you can fill out a comprehensive application that includes information on your education and experience. For your application to be processed, you must send in a $100 fee.

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