Arizona Electrical Engineering Schools

Electrical engineering is a great field to get into if you want to start a new career. It all starts with one of the 15 engineering schools in Arizona. Of these 15 schools, 10 have Associate’s degree programs and nine have Bachelor’s degree programs. There are four schools with Master’s degree programs and three schools with doctoral programs. In addition, there is one school with a certificate program.

Each type of electrical engineering degree has different advantages. A certificate is the shortest program, lasting about one year. This program can prepare you to work as an engineering assistant. An Associate’s degree includes 60 credits of lower-level engineering courses and general education coursework. This degree generally takes about two years to complete.

A Bachelor’s degree is required for licensure as an engineer. This degree includes 120 credits in general education courses and engineering courses. Some of the classes you may have to take include Digital Logic Design, Circuits & Systems Design, and Electronic Circuits.

A postgraduate degree is the next step after a Bachelor’s degree. A Master’s degree is one option, containing 30 credits and taking about two years. A PhD is another option. This degree includes a thesis, so it has an average completion time of seven years.

Tuition in Arizona tends to be fairly affordable. The average tuition cost in the state is about $9000. Your costs may be less if you are a resident of Arizona or if you attend a two-year school.

Taking advantage of Arizona engineering scholarships can help you save money. The American Helicopter Society International—Arizona Chapter Engineering Scholarship awards scholarships between $1000 and $3000. You can also apply for the Kelly Future Engineers Scholarship, a nationwide engineering scholarship.

After you graduate from your engineering program, the next step is getting your license from the Arizona State Board of Technical Registration. Before you can take your engineering test, you have to fill out an application that details your educational and employment experience. This form must be submitted with a $100 check. After you pass your test and receive your license, you can join the Arizona Society of Professional Engineers. This has numerous benefits, including networking and scholarship opportunities.

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