North Dakota Engineering Degrees

Engineering Programs in North Dakota

Did You Know? North Dakota’s cheapest Engineering Program is located at Bismarck State College, and costs$3,325 annually.

The state of North Dakota is known for its vibrant economy and low unemployment, particularly its achievement of not having an unemployment rate over 5% since 1987. The economic sectors that dominant the state include agriculture and energy through oil and coal. In fact, the recent capitalization of shale gas in North Dakota as of 2012 has helped expand the economy in the state, as well as add to the state’s population.

Engineering Education North Dakota

Engineering is a multi-faceted field, with many different industries requiring engineers for services. Common engineering fields, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), include civil engineering, biomedical engineering, materials engineering, and industrial engineering.

The two state universities of North Dakota also provide undergraduate and graduate education in engineering. The University of North Dakota in Grand Forks and North Dakota State University in Fargo both have engineering programs. Additionally, the private college, the University of Mary, in Bismarck, offers an undergraduate engineering program.

If students want certification or an associate’s degree in engineering, there are seven technical and community colleges in North Dakota with engineering programs. In addition, there are two tribal colleges for Native American students that offer engineering programs: Turtle Mountain Community College and United Tribes Technical College.

Outlook for Engineering Jobs in North Dakota

Each engineering field has different salary and employment trends. The BLS states that there are a total of 5,440 engineers in North Dakota, with the average annual salary of engineers calculating to $68,450. Some engineering careers are close to that average, such as the 790 civil engineers who earn $69,190 in North Dakota.

However, the BLS states that there are 40 mining engineers who earn an average annual salary of $86,810 in North Dakota. One other example includes industrial engineers, who earn an average annual salary of $72,160 with 600 workers in North Dakota.

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