Vermont Mechanical Engineering Schools

Entering the field of mechanical engineering starts with attending one of the three engineering schools in Vermont. One school has an Associate’s degree in this field, and all three schools offer Bachelor’s degrees. There are two schools with Master’s degrees and one school with a Ph.D. program.

The first step of your education involves deciding whether you want an Associate’s degree or Bachelor’s degree. A Bachelor’s degree is the recommended degree for licensure, but an Associate’s degree can be a good start if you are not sure what you want to study.

An Associate’s degree takes about two years to complete, as you must earn 60 credits. A Bachelor’s degree takes about four years, and you have to earn 120 credits. Some of the courses you may have to take for either of these degrees include Thermodynamics, Mechanics of Solids, and Component Design.

Higher-level degrees in this field include a Master’s degree or Ph.D. A Master’s degree takes about two years, and a Ph.D. takes five to seven years. Some courses you may take as an advanced student include Mechanics and Vibration, Heat Transfer, and Theory & Design of Control Systems.

Overall, the average cost of tuition in Vermont is about $19,000, although specific tuition rates vary between schools. You may be able to lower your educational costs by applying for federal financial aid in addition to applying for scholarships.

Vermont has many engineering scholarships that you can look into. The Vermont Society of Engineers provides multiple scholarships every year to qualified, motivated students.

Another option is the Vermont Space Grant Consortium. This group funds scholarships for Vermont students in a variety of different scientific degree programs, including engineering.

Prior to beginning your career as a professional engineer, you must apply for licensure through the Vermont Office of Professional Regulation. You must send in an application, your education form, and then an application fee of $80. After you pass the required exam, the board can issue you your license. You must renew your license by July 31 of every even-numbered year.

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