There is no shortage of potential career options for you to explore. Many disciplines involving STEM skills (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) face significant shortages of qualified professionals. Engineering management is a growing field that spans many industries. The need for individuals with the knowledge and training to provide engineering management has led to the creation of numerous online master’s in engineering management degree programs.

What Is Engineering Management?

A master’s degree in engineering management (also known as a MEM degree) provides training in managerial principles within the broad field of engineering. An individual who earns a MEM degree builds a broad skill set that includes administration, project management, leadership, logistics, law, technological management, and product development. This experience allows an individual to learn how to manage a variety of engineering projects.

Like all degrees, engineering management programs allow a person to specialize in certain areas. Depending on the program in question, an individual may learn several specialty skills within their Master’s in Engineering Management education. Alternatively, they may specialize in specific types of engineering, allowing them to apply their management education and experience to areas like civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and others. 

Engineering Management has many career paths. Examples include:

  • Project manager
  • Analyst or consultant
  • Logistics or automation professional
  • Project engineer

Why Get an Online Master’s in Engineering Management?

An online Master’s in Engineering Management may be worth pursuing for many reasons. These include:

  • Convenience: The simple truth is that online classes are highly convenient. They often revolve around your schedule or are offered at night or on weekends. This flexibility allows you to get a degree in a schedule that fits your needs.
  • Match of Leadership and Engineering Skills: The combination of engineering and leadership skills is highly desirable. Done well, you’ll have at least two compelling skill sets. If you’re good at your job, you can almost write your own salary for important and expensive projects.
  • High-demand job area: Individuals who are qualified for STEM jobs are in short supply. This is particularly true in the engineering field, where some studies have found that the United States will be 1 million people short of necessary jobs within the next three years. 
  • Access to schools anywhere: An Online Master’s in Engineering Management is not limited to a specific geographic location. This means you can access any of the best Master’s in Engineering Management programs. 

How Much Does an Online Master’s in Engineering Management Engineering Degree Cost?

Costs associated with Online Master’s in Engineering Management programs vary widely. The answer to the question of cost depends on various factors, including the expenses incurred by the school, the quality of the educational program, and if they are affiliated with another institution. If you take a hybrid program — as opposed to an exclusive MEM online degree — you’re more likely to see your costs increase. 

Generally speaking, costs are between $9,000 and $35,000. However, keep in mind that more expensive schools tend to offer more prestigious programs or programs with greater offerings. This may offset some of the costs. Many schools also offer scholarship opportunities that can also help reduce the cost of getting a Master’s in Engineering Management. 

Finally, if this is a career you’re interested in pursuing, it’s worth asking whether your employer will pay the tuition of your engineering master’s program. The shortage of qualified engineers in the United States has led many companies to pursue incentives to get more students into school. This means they may be willing to pay for part or all of your education. Such a scholarship opportunity may come with certain stipulations, like a requirement that you work for the company in question for a certain amount of time. First, however, it’s worth checking if your place of employment offers such opportunities. 

10 Master’s in Engineering Management Online Degree Programs

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of schools where you can get an online Master’s in Engineering Management. 

Arizona State University – Online Master of Engineering in Engineering Management

Arizona State University is a college known for its extensive online offerings, and its Master’s in Engineering Management is just one example. The

MEM program includes ten classes that run from 7.5 to 15 weeks, giving students highly flexible opportunities to earn their degrees. 

Colorado State University – Engineering Management Master’s

Colorado State University’s Master’s programs offer many positives and opportunities for students interested in advancing their skill sets and career options. Students who take the classes will study business analytics, marketing management, financial practice, and so on. They’ll also have the chance to continue their education at Colorado State, potentially earning a Ph. D. in many engineering fields. 

Drexel University – Online Master’s in Engineering Management

Drexel’s website notes that the program is explicitly designed for people who are currently working and looking to advance their skills. The university offers experienced faculty, a customizable course load, and dual degree options for students interested in getting their Master’s and earning additional degrees. 

Duke University – Master’s of Engineering Management

Duke University is one of the best and most well-known schools in the country. Its online Master’s degree program allows students to access the school’s offerings from the comfort of their own homes. Attending Duke’s online school will allow you to take four engineering management courses, four electives, and three one-week residencies.

George Washington University – Master of Science in Engineering Management

George Washington specifically advertises its program as geared toward students looking to become a “technical manager.” It offers courses in technological management, quality control, operations, marketing, finance, and other courses in this area. This is a Master’s designed explicitly to merge technical and business operations.

Johns Hopkins University – Master’s of Engineering Management

A Master’s from Johns Hopkins gives students the option to specialize in many tracks. This includes Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Master’s in Science Engineering, and more. This certainly allows students to get a leg up on others in the area and become experts in a certain sector of the engineering world.

Kennesaw State University – Master of Science in Engineering Management

This program is 100% online, meaning students will never have to enter a real classroom. It’s conducted in partnership with other local schools, including the Coles College of Business, thus ensuring that students who take this course get a rounded business perspective while learning specific skills that will help them in their engineering careers. 

Lehigh University – Online Management Science and Engineering

This Master’s seeks to merge engineering skills with various business principles, including production management, economic and cost analysis, risk management, and more. It can be done as either a hybrid program or exclusively online. It is also offered in conjunction with Lehigh’s various other engineering degrees. 

University of Louisville Online – Master’s in Engineering Management

The University of Louisville offers an array of online degrees. Many of these are highly flexible and allow individuals to complete courses in as little as eight weeks. Furthermore, the school notes that their professors are the same in person and online, ensuring no drop-off in quality with their online programming. 

Vanderbilt University – Master’s in Engineering Management Online

Vanderbilt’s website notes that its program gives students the chance to learn advanced skills that will allow them to progress toward a satisfying career in engineering. The school has been flourishing for more than 125 years, and despite the online learning environment, it guarantees a student-faculty ratio of 15:1. It also points out that these small classes give their professors the chance to examine a student’s needs, get to know them on a one-on-one level, and allow students the chance to succeed in the real world. 

Common Courses in Master’s in Engineering Management 

Every Master’s in Engineering Management degree offers different programs. Furthermore, the programs you take may change depending on the specific area of Engineering Management you want to specialize in. However, all Master’s in this field tend to offer courses around these topics:

  • Project decision-making and project management, which involve learning strategies for project planning, execution, and completion. Risks and rewards of decisions are examined, along with how decisions are evaluated and made.
  • Quality management, which involves learning how to ensure product quality while managing on-schedule project completion. 
  • Management Science, which allows an individual to learn the various strategies and techniques involved in management. This involves resource management, leadership skills, working with staff, navigating governmental structures, and others. 
  • Product design and development, which allows an individual to learn the various steps behind creating new products and getting them to the market.
  • Technological reviews or emerging technologies, in which students are taught the latest available technology and given an overview of what to expect in their engineering specialty in the near future.

Other FAQs About Online Master’s in Engineering Management Degrees and Programs

What kind of salary can I expect if I get a Master’s in Engineering Management? 

As noted by Zip Recruiter, individuals who earn a Master’s in Engineering Management can expect a high salary. The average salary for this degree is $115,980. This salary is much higher than the national average. Given the impending shortage of individuals with engineering degrees, it is clear that earning a Master’s in Engineering Management holds excellent salary potential in the near future. 

Can I get a Master’s in Engineering Management Exclusively Online?

An online Master’s in Engineering Management (MEM online degree) is absolutely possible, and you may get it without ever setting foot in a classroom.  It’s worth noting that you’ll need to check the specifics of each program. Some programs are hybrids of online and real-world learning, while others are conducted exclusively online, depending on the university.

What Are Some Jobs That Require a Master’s in Engineering Management? 

As noted above, many career paths can be followed with a MEM degree. Indeed, MEM degrees are in demand in any area where engineers are required. While there are numerous specific fields in which a Master’s in Engineering Management may be necessary and useful, the truth is that the degree has so many applicable uses that earning it may qualify you to lead or assist in leading any engineering project. 

Is a Master’s in Engineering Management Worth It?

Whether a Master’s in Engineering Management is worth the time, energy, and money is truly up to you. However, this is clear: A Master’s in Engineering Management (MEM degree) — received in person or online — can be a huge boon to your career. It can teach you a variety of valuable, in-demand skills. It can help you earn a great salary. And it’s an area that’s in desperate need of competent professionals. If any of these things appeal to you, then a career in Engineering Management may be a great educational opportunity.

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