Florida Chemical Engineering Schools

Are you ready to jump into a chemical engineer career? If so, you can get started at five different Florida schools. Four schools have Associate’s-level programs. All five schools have Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, and PhD programs. The average cost of tuition is $9,400 per semester.

A Bachelor’s degree is typically the first step in a career in chemical engineering. If you attend school full-time, you can often graduate in four years. Your 120 required credits may include courses like Cell & Tissue Engineering, Material & Energy Balance, and Principles of Chemical Engineering.

Unlike many other degrees, chemical engineering requires a significant lab portion. You may spend an average of 10 hours in the lab each week to master different engineering techniques and theories.

If your goals include a career in the research sector, you may have to earn a Master’s degree or Ph.D. These degrees take your understanding of engineering theories to a whole new level! Required courses often include Chemical Reactor Analysis & Design, Viscous Flow, and Unit Operations.

Tuition rates in Florida vary widely between schools. If cost is an important part of your decision, it is worth your time to carefully look into each school’s tuition costs and financial aid. The Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University is one of the lowest-priced schools in the state. Residents pay $2,300 per semester and non-residents pay $8,200 per semester. The Florida Institute of Technology is considerably more costly; tuition is $17,930 per semester.

Florida is home to a variety of engineering companies and organizations that award scholarships. One such organization, the Florida Engineering Society, awards more than $30,000 in scholarships every year.

In Florida, all licensure of Professional Engineers is done by the Florida Board of Professional Engineers. This process involves taking the Principles & Practice of Engineering exam and applying for licensure. As you go through the licensure process, consider joining the Florida Engineering Society. This group offers many membership benefits, including networking events and continuing education seminars.

Most chemical engineers in Florida earn between $40,800 and $101,000 per year, according to O*Net. The average salary is $48,500 per year (O*Net, 2012).

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